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Department Office

A Brief History of the Department

Located in the heart of the main Humanities Block of the Arts Faculty, North Campus, facing an inner quadrangle garden, the Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest in the University of Delhi. This building constructed in the early part of the twentieth century is well known for its red brick colonial structure. This Department began as a combined Department of Philosophy and Psychology in the year 1953. The Department of Psychology became independent in 1962. Since then the Department of Philosophy is an Autonomous Department.
Various distinguished scholars who have either taught or been associated with the Department of Philosophy, Delhi University include N.V. Banerjee, S.S. Barlingay, R. C. Pandeya, Margaret Chatterjee, S.K. Saxena, Ram Chandra Gandhi and Mrinal Miri. A large number of eminent philosophers from India and abroad have lectured in the Department. Philosophers from abroad include Donald Davidson, Willard Quine, Peter Strawson, Akeel Bilgrami, George Henrik von Wright, Karl Potter, Anil Gupta, Martha Nussbaum, Richard Sorabjee, Elliot Sober, Hajime Nakamura, Arvind Sharma and Anthony Parel, among many others.

The Faculty team

Devarakonda, Prof. Balaganapathi

Professor and Head​

Kumar, Prof. Perikala Kesav


Motilal, Prof. Shashi


Natarajan, Prof. Kanchana


Sahni, Dr. Pragati

Associate Professor

Singh, Dr. Ravindra M.

Associate Professor ​

Abhijat, Dr. Sujata Roy

Assistant Professor

Atreja, Ms. Sharmishthaa

Assistant Professo

Bhowmick, Dr. Nilanjan

Assistant Professor

Chopra, Dr. Navneet

Assistant Professor

Gautam, Dr. Ayesha

Assistant Professo

Gupta, Dr. Aditya Kumar

Assistant Professo

Jaiswal, Dr. Reetu

Assistant Professor

Kalotra, Dr. Gautam

Assistant Professor

Kettil, Mr. Sumesh M

Assistant Professor

Mitra, Dr. Enakshi

Assistant Professo

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Monday- Friday - 9:30-530

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